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Personalised Fitness Coaching for Women in Their 40s and 50s

Reverse Ageing and Transform into a Confident, Stronger YOU

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  • Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    Cardiovascular & Heart Health

    The benefits of improved Cardiovascular Health are endless. Along with improved heart health, increased metabolism and improved recovery time, you'll also stave off diseases and have you feeling good long after your workout.

  • Resistance & Strength Training

    Resistance & Strength Training

    Along with toning your muscles and building strength, Resistance Training will also protect your joints from injury, help to build and maintain flexibility & balance, and help to burn off and keep off unwanted fat.

  • Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    Injury Prevention & Defy Aging

    Working out is the secret to staying young and healthy. If you want to slow down the clock and maintain your independence late into life, we can teach you how to get the most out of your workouts and prevent injuries and aging at the same time.

  • Nutrition & Weight Management

    Nutrition & Weight Management

    If your goal is to lose weight, look no further than your Nutrition. You are what you eat! Our team works hard to give you the tools, not only to achieve your goals, but more importantly, to sustain them!

You’ve Neglected Your Body And Health For Far Too Long

Feel Motivated, Accountable and Finally Stick to a Programme That’s Going to Work.

Unlike other studios where you feel uncomfortable surrounded by “20 year olds with perfect bodies and movement”, here at FitNut Loft we are Real Older Women who have wobbly bits and some lack of coordination (we have a good laugh about this!).

Your three weekly workouts will include strength training, pilates for flexibility and nutrition coaching. So that you will:

  • -get stronger
  • -sleep better
  • -have a flatter tummy
  • -feel more energy
  • -have your clothes fit better
  • -lose weight

We can help you feel stronger, confident and younger. Our team at FitNut Loft is here to deliver high-quality personal training, fitness classes, and nutrition coaching to people across Bukit Timah. FitNut Loft is the only fitness studio in Singapore that focuses on pilates, weight training, sling training, and nutrition. We also have years of experience helping people from Holland to Tanglin become happier, radiant, and lighter. When you train with us, no obstacle is too great, no goal is too big, and no aspiration is too challenging. 

From our fitness classes to personal training, FitNut Loft is your ultimate resource for becoming strong, healthy, and happy. 

Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Fitness Classes

WIth our Fitness Classes, we'll utilize pilates, weight training, sling training, nutrition and mindfulness while preparing a plan that will get results. Whether you're a beginner to fitness or a lifelong athlete, join us for Bukit Timah's best training.

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Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Personal Training

Tired of struggling to get results? Hoping to add flexibility to your training schedule? Do you have personal limitations? That's fine! Our personal training programme at FitNut Loft will connect you with a training regimen that's designed just for you, so that you can achieve your goals faster than ever before.

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Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Online Fitness Training

If you want to get the customized experience of our Personal Training programme or Fitness Classes but life gets in the way, Online Training is perfect for you. Online Training can help you get personalized coaching from a distance, no matter where life takes you!

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Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Charlotte Woodrow

I love the variety of the workouts it has everything I have been looking for. I am more aware of my core again, so already feeling stronger. I give them 10/10!...

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Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Li-Hwei Yeo

Since working with FitNut Loft I have less back pain and stiffness. I'm working on my pull ups within a tailored programme. Just do it! I give them 11/10!...

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Group Fitness near Singapore

Tory Morris

Aly's classes are fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and is great at making the classes different and challenging each time. The classes are small and tailored. I love the combination of mat Pilates...

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Group Fitness near Singapore

Joyce Billington

Had a great first mat session at the Loft and can't wait for full launch with all equipment in place. My muscles are aching, sign of a good workout- highly recommend!...

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Group Fitness near Singapore

Winni Verhoef

I am really enjoying my classes at Fitnut loft. Working on my core and full body strength, it really helps improve my running and I am less prone to injury. Aly is fantastic: precise, and her thorough...

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Hayley Stathis

Aly and the team at FitNut Loft are amazing! It’s a beautiful space to train in, a caring environment and classes are the best!...

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Fitness Classes near Holland - Ulu Pandan

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