Fitness Classes near Holland - Ulu Pandan

Do you want to make a career shift and really make a difference in people's lives?

Do you want a part time job with flexible hours so you can also spend time with family & friends?

Or maybe, you just want to earn your own money. But, you don't want to do the 9-5 because you're trying to balance family time too. 

You've seen how your own life has changed with exercise, and you think you could help others too. But, you don't know where and how to start. 

It doesn't matter what your fitness level is. What matters, is having an interest to see where this could possibly take you. 

Because, you could end up working for your self out of your home. Or working for a studio. Or starting your own studio and being a Boss lady! 

At FitNut Loft we combine pilates, strength training, nutrition coaching and some kick-@ss coaching skills to really help people. And we want to help you on this new journey. 

Our free virtual information evening is your opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our upcoming coach training programme. 

When: Saturday 7th Jan 2023, 2-2.45pm. 

Where : Zoom 

Cost : No cost

How : fill in this form and we will send you the Zoom Link

Could you help women like these too?

Over 4 weeks I've lost weight especially around my waist. And Feel much better in my body. I can wear clothes I haven't worn in 2-3 years! I'm a lot more active, and feel less tired compared to before. And - I can now job 5km without walking!



42, Engineer, mum to 2 young kiddos
Before joining FitNut Loft I had bad eating habits and lack of motivation to exercise. My clothes fit better and I have more energy and stamina. I'm most proud about getting into clothes I haven't worn for a long time because there were too tight. My goal was to make good eating and exercise part of everyday life - which I have. 


Senior Management, Mum to 2 tweens

I can fit my old clothes, I go the bed early and sleep better and that make me feel more energy and feel good about myself




Early 40s, architect and mum to 2 young kiddos

What does FitNut Loft do?

Who are we? We combine pilates, strength training and nutrition. We mostly help women in their 40s and beyond to get stronger with mobility and confidence. 

Results are our jam - we track our clients' progress and ensure that they are working toward a realistic goal. Most of our coaches are pilates trained, and we train them in strength training. 

Join our Information evening, and who knows where this may take you? 

PS- Our founder, Aly Khairuddin was an Oil Broker before becoming certified in pilates! See? Anything is possible!