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Such an amazing boutique gym. I’ve been a member of so many gyms but never stayed long until I found FItnut. The personal care, the dedication to your all round well being and fitness goals is comparable to none. The variety of classes from Pilates to HIIT allows you to choose, mix and match ensuring you get the most bang for your buck! The coaches and instructors are all professional and very knowledgeable. You’re never out of your element at FItnut Loft!

Sandra Binny

FitNut Loft is a great place to workout for pilates, stretch and tone, TRX, HIIT and several other classes with well-trained and motivated instructors. FitNut has small, intimate classes, like a family setting, but with all the best equipment and personal attention. The FitNut app is great for scheduling a variety of daily class times.

Meg Sine

Supportive gym, good variety of classes, excellent coaches.

Vicky Booth

Amazing coaches and top experience with the community here.

Yan Liu

Beautiful little studio with fantastic trainers that know their stuff. Group classes are small and exercises are always adjusted to your personal fitness level and requirements due to injuries and/or other issues. Aly is also an expert in nutrition so if you are looking for a holistic approach for your fitness and health, this is the place to go.

Nicole Treffert

Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

I love the variety of the workouts it has everything I have been looking for. I am more aware of my core again, so already feeling stronger. I give them 10/10!

Charlotte Woodrow

Fitness Classes near Bukit Timah

Since working with FitNut Loft I have less back pain and stiffness. I'm working on my pull ups within a tailored programme. Just do it! I give them 11/10!

Li-Hwei Yeo

Group Fitness near Singapore

Aly's classes are fantastic. She is very knowledgeable and is great at making the classes different and challenging each time. The classes are small and tailored. I love the combination of mat Pilates, reformer work and cardio and strength circuit training. I always leave feeling I have had a great work out and a good stretch. Fabulous!

Tory Morris

Group Fitness near Singapore

Had a great first mat session at the Loft and can't wait for full launch with all equipment in place. My muscles are aching, sign of a good workout- highly recommend!

Joyce Billington

Aly and the team at FitNut Loft are amazing! It’s a beautiful space to train in, a caring environment and classes are the best!

Hayley Stathis

I joined FitNut Loft a year and a half ago looking to improve my health and strength. I have gained that and a whole lot more. Muscles I never knew I had, stamina, bellyfat gone (!) and just a great deal fitter. Aly and Alison truly know their stuff and expertly guide us throughout the lesson! Classes are always fun and you leave feeling energised. Having a variety of classes are also a plus as I get to pick and choose different classes every week!

Allison Rogiani

Beautiful, light and airy studio overlooking lush gardens with highly experienced and personable trainers. Thanks Aly!

Mei Qi Tan

A wonderful boutique gym/Pilates studio. Aly is very experienced and knowledgeable yet willing to learn and adjust to her clients’ needs. I like the holistic approach she takes to Pilates, weight training, and nutrition as well.

Elin Arverud Siregar

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