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FAQs on Pilates & Fitness Coach Certification

Do you want a part time job with flexible hours so you can also spend time with family & friends?

We have got your questions answered right here! 


Do I already have to practise pilates?

Not at all. Although, it would help a bit because then it would give you an idea of what pilates is. It can be a concept hard to grasp until you try it for yourself. 

Do I have to do all the modules (pilates, strength and coaching skills)?

Yes. This isn’t “just a Pilates certification”. We want you to complete this course and have the tools you need to be able to train someone who has a variety of goals including weight loss. We fully believe in the full package. 

How are you different from other Pilates certifications out there?

Firstly - we are not purely a “Pilates” certification. To be fully certified in Pilates you need to complete about 400 course hours, and then 1000+ hours of practice and teaching. While this is very very helpful - we want you to get Started. So we have chosen what we feel are the absolute best beginner type exercises that include Mat and Reformer pilates. Other certs separate them out. We don’t want you to just have to start with mat or reformer. Because we train our clients in Mat AND reformer in every class. You will be a certified Pilates + Fitness coach. 

How are you different from a Certified Personal Training certification? 

Do I think being a CPT is valuable! Yes of course! But we can also sometimes take so long to study, that we don’t actually start to help people. At the end of the day, when you get your CPT certification, the main takeaways you’ll get are how to programme for different goals, and how to do many different types of exercises. You can’t begin to know ALL because the number is infinite. But CPT falls short in this regard -  Pilates instructors are renowned for being able to modify and cue. We can really “get it” and our near fanatical insistence on correct form means that we can take any single exercise and we can help a client do it, and to do it safely and effectively. And if they can’t, we have the skills to use verbal and imagery to help them imagine what they are to do. So put them both together and you have a winning combination. 

Why are the Coaching skills all about? 

Ah. That’s where the magic happens. An actor can learn her lines, but how she delivers it, to bring about emotion in the viewers… that’s a learned art. You will develop your own coaching skills. But, we help get you started. Haven’t you been to a class and been amazed at a coach who just knows how to get you to feel the exercise? Or, to have your body and form corrected  and then the pain disappears? Or how some trainers just have a certain vibe that makes their classes un-missable? Let us help you get your Magic started. 

How much can I earn as a Pilates & Fitness Coach?

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO of Google - when you first start you will have to accept that you will be starting at the bottom. It doesn’t matter who you are and what your previous job was! This job requires hours (and hours and hours) training different clients, and years to craft your skill. And, this first certification is just the very start of your training. No one will ever complete their education in health and fitness - and that’s quite an exciting thing. 

But as a Newbie with less than a year you could earn on average $32k a year, and with years this can go upward as your base salary (or per hour rate) should increase. But just like any job, this has to be earned and KPIs need to be met. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could earn $80k and upwards after 3 years. But it also depends on your goals, what you want to achieve, and how much you want to work of course. And if you have a sales goal (like we do in our studio) well then - your earning potential can be huge!

What sort of results can I expect my clients to achieve as a certified FitNut Pilates & Fitness coach? 

Great question! Let me share some amazing results with you that our coaches have helped our clients achieve (some names have been altered to protect the privacy of our clients who wish to remain anonymous):

  1. Belle (51) -  18 KG of weight loss in 6 months. 

  2. Stace (52) -  In just 4 weeks achieved 5% body fat loss and 3.8 kg loss, and 28cms around her entire body!

  3. Les Li (42) - loss 5.9kg and 3% body fat, and her belly has shrunk

And we have more just like them.

What is this about your Franchise?

FitNut Loft is truly unique - we combine Pilates, Strength Training, Nutrition Coaching and coaching skills to help a particular demographic - the “older woman”. This demographic has largely been ignored, and we want to celebrate them and support them through the journey towards menopause and beyond. No one even talks about Menopause because they are embarrassed about it! If you don’t go through menopause it means sadly, that you didn’t live long enough. We will all go through it - and that’s normal!

It has also taken us 5 years to figure things out! What started as a hobby, has grown into a profitable business that helps women get stronger, feel more confident as they age. We want to share this with others to help make FitNut Loft THE Place where the ‘older woman’ feels like she belongs. This coaching academy is where we envision all future Trainers and Coaches that work for all the FitNut Loft franchisees globally to get their training. 

How do I get started?

  1. Attend the information evening to find out a bit more. This will also include how much you could earn as a Coach.  

  2. Apply for the course. 

  3. You will then have a call with the Head Coach 

  4. Successful? Then get ready for the course to begin!

Could you help women like these too?

Over 4 weeks I've lost weight especially around my waist. And Feel much better in my body. I can wear clothes I haven't worn in 2-3 years! I'm a lot more active, and feel less tired compared to before. And - I can now job 5km without walking!



42, Engineer, mum to 2 young kiddos
Before joining FitNut Loft I had bad eating habits and lack of motivation to exercise. My clothes fit better and I have more energy and stamina. I'm most proud about getting into clothes I haven't worn for a long time because there were too tight. My goal was to make good eating and exercise part of everyday life - which I have. 


Senior Management, Mum to 2 tweens

I can fit my old clothes, I go the bed early and sleep better and that make me feel more energy and feel good about myself




Early 40s, architect and mum to 2 young kiddos

What does FitNut Loft do?

Who are we? We combine pilates, strength training and nutrition. We mostly help women in their 40s and beyond to get stronger with mobility and confidence. 

Results are our jam - we track our clients' progress and ensure that they are working toward a realistic goal. Most of our coaches are pilates trained, and we train them in strength training. 

Join our Information evening, and who knows where this may take you? 

PS- Our founder, Aly Khairuddin was an Oil Broker before becoming certified in pilates! See? Anything is possible!