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Aly Khairuddin

Aly started FitNut Loft with over 10 years experience especially in women's health. She's a STOTT certified pilates instructor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition 2 Coach, Online Coach, and has created and authored a unique certification within FitNut Loft Academy. 

Seeing a gap in coaches who are both trained in Pilates, Strength Training and the art of actually being a Coach, Aly has written the "FitNut Loft Academy - Pilates & Fitness Coach Certification". This aims to take a person who wants to be able to train someone in a few modalities at once. Traditional Pilates certifications concentrate on just one modality, but human beings can and should be trained in a variety of ways.

Aly resonates with the company's first core value - Be Kind.

She's also a breast cancer survivor who helps other survivors with mobility and weight loss. She used to sing in a band (AC/DC covers!), loves making pasta from scratch, and adores her cats (and her family of course).

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Fitness Classes near Ulu Pandan Rd

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