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Amelia Tan

Amelia isn’t a stranger to helping people get started in their fitness journeys. She’s currently helping to train youth athletes and will surely be able to train you regardless of age or background. Beyond fitness, she’s also an avid marketer and is starting her professional journey in that career.

Outside of FNL, you’ll catch this early bird always carrying her lip balm while basking in the great outdoors and soaking in some sun either by lounging in the pool, going on a bike ride, climbing up walls and mountainsides, or going into the open waters for a dive. If that’s something you want to tag along with, just bribe her with her favourite foods like mushrooms, dark chocolate, and some bubble tea and you’ll have good company and a great adventure. Just don’t mention anything about having to go on a run because it’s her least favourite activity… but there are a bunch of others that she’s definitely down to do!

One of the greatest things about Amelia is that she’s definitely someone who embodies her personal belief of always challenging yourself to be the best you can. If you need someone to push you, she’s the one you’ll need! 

Amelia joined FitNut Loft as a Pilates Coach in January 2020. Apart from being certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor (PAI), she also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. She has always been passionate about sports and physical activity.

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Fitness Classes near Ulu Pandan Rd

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