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David Wee

David has always been in the fitness industry and has seen it from different perspectives. Aside from having experience in being a coach, he also has experience being an operations manager for a fitness chain, so you know things will run smoothly throughout your fitness journey with him.

Working with David will instill in you his love for both physical and mental development, because not only does he loves hanging out in the gym, but he also has a passion for reading personal development books to strengthen your body and your mind.

But don’t let his go-getter attitude make you think that that’s all he offers. Truly living to the saying “enjoy and have fun in what you do,” David is also a talented singer, dancer, and pantomime who has performed on stage in the past. Not only that, but he also loves eating dark chocolates, cakes, and plant-based food any chance he gets, and will always listen to epic music that will motivate and hype him up for his next workout, especially if planks are involved.

David has a bachelor's degree in Sports Science (Edith Cowan University, Australia) and a certified wellness life coach (ACSM, Wellcoaches USA). 

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Fitness Classes near Ulu Pandan Rd

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