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Erlinda Galila

Erlinda has always been a fitness trainer even before joining the FitNut Loft team. With her years of experience, you’re sure to be guided towards your goals with all the right mindsets and methods she’s learned in helping countless individuals reach their healthiest points in their lives. She stands by the saying “believe you can and you're halfway there,” so she knows that her key role in your life is to be your personal cheerleader so you keep believing in yourself.

Aside from helping others be their best selves, Erlinda enjoys spending her free time cross stitching and dancing, especially when she hears Dancing Queen or Time of My Life playing out loud and even more so if she’s had her favourite dark chocolate and black coffee to power her through. If she’s going to choose to be more serious though, you’ll see her snacking on a Caesar Salad and doing her crunches (which she dreads the most) because she knows the value in being serious and pushing the limits — just like every time she snacks on peanut butter even though she’s allergic to peanuts!

It has always been her dream to be an actress for either horror or comedy films, so having her as your coach will assure you to always be entertained no matter what.

Erlinda is certified in more than a dozen health and wellness activities such as Intensive Mat-Plus, Intensive Reformer, Intensive Chair, Intensive Barrels, Intensive Cadillac, Pre and Post Natal Pilates Equipment, Group Excercise and Aerobic Instructing, Zumba L1 and L2, Piloxing SSP, Piloxing Knockout, Level 1 and 2 Suspended Fitness Course, and Standard First Aid & CPR + AED.

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Fitness Classes near Ulu Pandan Rd

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