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Rajween Kaur

Rajween was a former lab research associate who specialized in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders research prior to becoming a coach at FNL, which she brings to each person she trains. She’s an active mom who finds strength training, swimming, dancing to crazy music with her children, and playing with her 11-month-old Groodle, Kaia as serious workouts (yes, especially those last two!).

Her taste in music is something that will help you get moving, ranging from Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” to Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good” and practically anything track by The Weeknd. She knows music is important to have a good workout and goes by the saying, “Your only competition is the voice inside your head; get up and keep going.” It’s a good motto to live by especially on days when she’s not eating her eggs and avocado on sourdough or protein oats and treats herself to brownies from Chalk Farm, some ice cream, and a Five Guys burger. 

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