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Steph Robert

Stephanie is one of the luckiest people in the world. Not only has she been able to juggle between being a coach at FNL and a senior manager in advertising, she’s also managed to win 9 Lucky Draws in the span of 2-3 years!

If you love to travel, paint, colour, and are not so keen on running, you’ll share those similarities with Stephanie and surely get along. She also loves staying active even when she’s having fun, dancing to kulikitaka and Nintendo Switch dances while singing along to James Arthur and Ed Sheeran.

Having her as a coach will entail enjoying avocados on toast to stay in shape on those typical days, having a slice of cheesecake on those special occasions, and talking about Georgi Boy (her cat) every day! She’s definitely an easy person to get along with, especially since she believes that compassion can move mountains, so strike up a conversation with her to help you get by your days and reach your goals in no time!

Stephanie is a certified Level 1 Pilates Academy International Instructor can effectively guide you through its different aspects such as anatomy, biomechanics and postural analysis, mat, and reformer.

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Fitness Classes near Ulu Pandan Rd

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