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Top 5 Fitness Classes For Women in Bukit Timah - Holland

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Women tend to want to do cardio. Hey we are not against cardio per se, but we do feel that you'd be doing yourself an injustice by not incorporating a more well rounded approach to your workouts. 

Especially if you are pushing over the age of 40, you really need to add strength training, mobility and flexibility exercise to your weekly workouts. 

Trouble is, many women just don't know where to start! Going to the gym can be intimidating, so you may end up just heading to your comfort zone - basically, where the cardio equipment are.

And a lot of trainers out there will try to train you just like a 20 year old, regardless of gender. I'm 48 and I want someone who understands what I'm going through, and will treat me with respect and empathy. 

When I was going through chemotherapy, I couldn't even get off the floor unassisted due to intense pain in my joints. It was humiliating, and embarrassing. I want all our clients to know that they never have to feel that way when they workout at FitNut Loft.

Therefore, I am compiling a list of the Top 5 Fitness Classes for women (over 40) in the Bukit Timah - Holland - Clementi area here in Singapore.

And it's no surprise that they are all our classes!

Here they are!

  1. Strong & Lean - mat
    Our signature Strong & Lean class has gone through a rebranding recently. We wanted women to know that if they came to this class, they would get those exact results. In the Strong & Lean class you can expect to be worked in a circuit style fashion for 30% of the class, with emphasis on lifting dumbbells. You'll also incorporate some HIIT for maximum fat burning. Then, we switch gears to pilates to ensure that you get your flexibility and mobility portion. This class is very popular because you actually will FEEL that you're working out!
  2. Jungle
    Jungle classes are a sling based, suspension style class. You use your body weight coupled with different angles of pull to change your resistance. We do these classes to some really cool music, and our regulars Sweat in this class! We work the total body, so you'll get an overall mix. This class is suitable for mostly everyone but we do have our advanced classes which means you'll need to have done some Beginners Jungle in order to join this. And when you're comfortable with it, we even get you going UPSIDE DOWN like a monkey! You'll feel incredibly strong and I always have to take photos of clients here for them to share with their families who can't believe "how strong mum is!"

  3. Reformer
    Ah, the gold standard of pilates - the reformer classes. Here we stick to pilates, but we really emphasise the back of the body. The parts you don't see in the mirror. Because, by getting stronger in our back muscles, and glutes, it will pretty much fix nearly all back problems. Seriously. While the reformer is more technical, our classes are small and we always make sure our clients have different levels of difficulties in each class so that they can get the most out of their workouts. 

  4. CardioTramp
    By attaching a small vertical trampoline to the end of the reformer, we have a cardio machine! Think of jumping on a trampoline but instead of standing, you're lying down on your back. So many women have a bit of incontinence which makes traditional trampolining a bit embarrassing when the leaks happen (I've been there!). Each jump is about 2 minutes long, and we intersperse the jumps with upper body strength exercises which means, you get to work the full body. And jumping means your core is working the whole time! This class is done to some cool tunes and you will definitely walk out with a sweat and feeling like you deserve that gorgeous lunch!

  5. Strong & Lean - reformer
    Our Strong & Lean class is so amazing we decided we needed to add it to our reformer classes! You'll still get the weight training but instead of mat pilates, the rest of the class will be on the reformer. This way you really get the best of both worlds, given the popularity of the reformer classes. This class focuses on strength and fat burning, proving that how you put together a class will determine what sort of results you really want to get. 

So there you have it - the Top 5 Fitness Classes for women over the age of 40 in the Bukit Timah - Holland - Clementi areas. Our niche is in helping women around the menopause years. And these classes are the absolute best for that. 

Check out our social media for photos and videos of our classes!

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