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Are You Ready for a Body transformation?

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Are You Ready for a Body transformation?

My A12 Journey

The Amazing 12™ (A12) is the World's Best Body Transformation Programme, created by the genius Paul McIlroy in Dublin. They have helped over 8000 people globally achieve their best selves. 

I heard about the A12 and applied to be certified. I had to sit through an interview to even be considered! But, I was accepted, and last year I became a fully certified A12 Coach. And, I am the ONLY certified A12 coach here in Singapore!

But before I enrolled any clients, I had to go through it myself.

The A12 Classic is the original A12 Programme.

  • 12 weeks, 5 workouts a day, 5 cardio sessions
  • Nutrition programme included

I was keen to try this because I was amazed at seeing the before and after's of all the graduates worldwide. I thought "I want some of that"!

My goals were to reduce my body fat %, and to gain lean muscle. I wanted to look slimmer and feel good about myself. 

While these are all asthetic goals, my BIG reason for these goals was simple.

I wanted to live a long, healthy life, avoid any risk of getting diseases, so that I can be around for my family until I'm in my 90s.

I also wanted to grow old without any mobility issues and not to be a burden on my family.

I wanted to be physically strong and independent for the rest of my life.

The Programme

Prior to the 12 weeks, there is a Technique week. It focuses on, you guessed right - correct technique. I plugged in my 1RM (1 Rep max) test results into the programme, and it told me EXACTLY what to do for my workouts. I was ready to start the programme!

Everyday, I'd put in my results of my workout back into my programme and it would tell me what to do tomorrow. 

Everyday there was also a cardio element to my programme. It was either a 20 minute run or hill sprints.

Now - I'll be honest with you.

This A12 Classic is not for those who are "kinda wanting to get fit". You have to want it. You have to be 100% committed. Otherwise, there is a high likelihood of you dropping out.

I wanted it. I was 100% committed. And I completed it.

On my last hill sprint, I burst into tears. I felt so damn proud of myself! And also, I was amazed at just how strong I'd become!

My results 

All A12 graduates get a photoshoot so they can compare their before's and after's.

I didn't quite believe how much my body had changed until I had the photos lined up side by side.

My results were

  • Lost 3.5 kg in weight (but this was a net fat loss with HUGE muscle gain).
  • I lost 10 cm on my belly! And this was the dangerous fat so it's very important to have a smaller waistline.
  • Before breast cancer and chemo I was a runner, but stopped for 5 years. Now I'm back to running again.


So having gone through this myself, I know that I am not just qualified as a Coach to train people in the A12. But, I will be able to help them on this emotional journey as well.

A new addition to the A12 Programme

In January 2021, A12 announced a new branch of the A12 Programme. It's called the A12 Express. Here's what's same and different to the Classic Programme

  1. 12 weeks - no change
  2. Nutrition programme - no change
  3. 3 workouts of 40 minutes per week!
  4. No extra cardio required.

This is for those who are time strapped but who want to get the same results as the Classic. A12 Express is designed to produce the biggest "kg for kg" (or minute for minute) result imaginable in the most efficient way possible.

While I know the max results will be in the Classic, the reality is that some people aren't ready for this huge commitment. That's why the Express is so perfect. Everyone can spare 40 minutes, 3 times a week.

The Verdict

I felt invincible! I loved seeing how my shoulders were developing an athletic shape. And when I had my blood test results from my 6 monthly check up with my Oncologist, my cholesterol levels had dropped!

Will I do this again? Hell YEAH!!!!

Anyone can do this. If you're a man, woman, young, old, fit, unfit, slim, fat. Anyone.

And I can't wait to help others achieve the best self that is lying dormant under their skins.



Interested in finding out more?

Head on over HERE to find out more about this programme and if we have an opening for the next wave, then just fill in your details and I'll be in touch.





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