5 Ways To Eliminate Back Pain

5 Ways To Eliminate Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is incredibly common worldwide, regardless of age, and it affects your every day life. 

We get many people calling us with the goal of eliminating LBP. Although, at this stage it's quite common that they have reluctantly tried to accept that their LBP will always be there. 

Because they've tried "everything" and seen "everyone" but the pain is still there.

We don't claim to have a magic wand to help eliminate this pain.

I myself have been through it once.

I had been on a 12 hour flight to London, then immediately we were on a 5 hour car journey, and to top that off, the mattress I slept in was just too soft.

Oh my.

It was then that I understood what sort of pain people experience.

I immediately went to seek out a physio or osteo in the little town we were staying in. I had one session with her, but then I spent about 3 days just lying on a foam roller, and trying to release my neck and back and glute muscles. It was just too painful to try anything else.

After those 3 days, the pain disappeared completely. But it made me acutely aware of how LBP can just materialise out of nowhere.

The Stats

Some research has shown that more women get LBP than men, and that the peak was in the 45-49 age bracket. It affects the ability to just lead a normal life, and also causes much abseenteeism at work. It makes you afraid to move because it hurts, and the less you move, the worse it becomes. 

How does it make you feel ?

Women I meet say that :

  • It makes them feel old
  • They are in despair
  • They are not confident about doing the things they love
  • It affects their lives and they wish they could be more active
  • It's depressing

You can get into a cycle of not moving due to the pain, but by nursing your back you will be too scared to start a strength training programme - which is exactly what you need.


What do you do?

Don't try to solve this by yourself unless you have a strong history of exercising, and doing it CORRECTLY. I see far too many people in the gym lifting weights, and I cringe. And these guys aren't newbies! Even as a movement professional, I video myself to check my form as I don't want to injure myself.

So look for a reputable trainer. Interview them and ask what their experience is with back pain. You'll want someone who is confident of what they're doing, but also who is able to be flexible with individuals.

What's the exercise plan?

I like to work on these three elements for my clients :

  1. The glutes
  2. The core
  3. The back

As well as work them in different ways. Core strength isn't just crunches. It's the ability to withstand and react against movement in the body. Think of holding a plank. The movement you're trying to avoid is collapsing to the ground. So what has to happen? The muscles on the back side of your body have to activate (glutes, back muscles). And your core (or typically called the abs) need to contract to provide support against your back which wants to cave downwards. So the back side muscles act as a 'lift' and the down side muscles act as a 'push'. And this allows you to hold your plank!

But I'm NOT suggesting you do planks right away to strengthen your back! The starting exercise I'd go with is popularly called "Bird Dog". This often overlooked exercise is the bread and butter of core and back strengthening. 

Final Words

It can be a mistake to think you're saving money by not hiring a coach to train you properly. Think of what you're spending as an investment, so you can live a long, healthy, joyful life, doing what you love to do - when you want to do it. You wouldn't cut your own hair, (or would you??), and you wouldn't do your own root canal. Even if you just start with a 6 month plan, you can use that to build your foundation. 

Because having chronic lower back pain will prevent you from enjoying your life.




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