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Amazing 12 Body Transformation From Yoga to Strong

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Amazing 12 Body Transformation From Yoga to Strong

Body Tranformations are for everyone

Don't believe me? Just look at Bronwyn's transformation. Bronwyn (57) was drawn to the Amazing 12 (A12) Body Transformation because while she wasn't overweight, she wanted to reduce the jiggle that plagues so many women. Also, Bronwyn felt that strength training was lacking from her routine. She practised Yoga and walked daily, but now post menopause, she knew how important weight training was. And she knew that yoga and walking wasn't going to cut it to reduce that jiggle. 

What is the Amazing 12?

Founded by the legendary Paul McIllroy in Ireland, the Amazing 12 (known as A12) quickly escalated as the world's renowned Body Transformation Programme. Although the initial goal wasn't to transform bodies but to gain strength, the results over 12 short weeks quickly proved that this was THE body transformation programme. 

Some people think of Body Transformations are a vanity project. I myself did the A12 transformation in 2020, when I was 48 years old. I did so because quite frankly, I really wanted to see my body change! And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Bronwyn was no different. She wanted to get "toned". Now, the usage of the word "toned" isn't one that professionals use. But I knew exactly what Bronwyn meant. She wanted to see definition in her muscles, but not look like a body builder. Sleek muscles without the bulk.

Two A12 programmes

The original Classic A12 is pretty intense. This is what it encompasses :

  • 12 weeks of training
  • 5 days a week of strength training combined with muscular cardio + extra cardio on these days. 
  • Nutrition for optimal results

The A12 Express came about because many found that the classic was just too time consuming. And if you aren't 100% committed, then it's very hard to keep going. Although, that is your Coach's job - to keep you motivated and accountable!


The A12 Express is :

  • 12 weeks training
  • 3 workouts a week (35-45 minutes long)
  • No extra cardio
  • Nutrition is the same as the Classic.

This is the most effective way to get a body transformation in the shortest time possible. And just look at Bronwyn's results!

Wowza - Results with short workouts!

Remember, there was no extra cardio, and the workouts were never longer than 45 minutes. Yet, can you see the definition in Bronwyn's body? She has achieved the toned look without the bulk.

But let's not forget to celebrate the gains in her actual strength!

How to measure strength gains

The gold standard is to see what someone's "One Rep Max" (1RM) is. This is the most amount of weight you can move for just one repetition. 

Before the programme started, we measured Bronwyn's 1RM for the Barbell Bench Press and the Barbell Bicep Curls.

Barbell Bench Press: 1RM improved from 14kg to 27.5kg!

Barbell Bicep Curl: 1RM improved from 10.5kg to 16 kg!

This is an incredible, as it means she got 96% stronger in her bench press, and 52% stronger in her biceps!

Women Power

We are so proud of Bronwyn because she represents a number of women who are just like her. She started this aged 57, and she had a shoulder injury which always prevented her from doing something like this. But under my coaching and guidance, her shoulder problems never flared up at all. Because we focus on getting the movement and form 100% accurate. Anything less than that is unacceptable. 

Bronwyn was an blast to train, we had so much fun, and I'm incredibly proud of her achievement. Also, apart from me, she is the very first A12 Graduate here in Singapore!

We know that Bronwyn will inspire so many other women out there, who think something like this is beyond their realms of achievement.

Yes, everyday regular women can get this too. So let's celebrate this huge win, and celebrate strength and empowerment for all women!

Join our next A12 Wave right here in Bukit Timah-Holland! We are the ONLY certified studio in Singapore offering this.


What next?

If you are interested in finding out more about our A12 and want to get on the waiting list for our next wave, then either drop an email to aly@fitnutloft.com or contact us here


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