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FitNutter Of The Month : From Unfit To Fitter

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FitNutter Of The Month : From Unfit To Fitter

Our FitNutter For May is Amparo!

Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our client's wins. We call our clients "FitNutters" - someone who is dedicated and passionate into making a better future for herself. And this month, we are so happy to have Amparo as FitNutter of the month!

In Pain And Unfit

"My health is deteriorating". That was what she said to me when we met 3 months ago.

Amparo is in her 40s and while she had been fit and sporty when she was younger, she had to stop working out due to some medical issues. As a result, she gained weight and felt that she had hardly any muscle mass. Coupled with working full time, she couldn't find time for herself. 

What made her book a consultation with us?

It helped that she lived just minutes away! But even then, she had been putting off coming over, but finally, it was time.

"I feel like crap. I don't think it's OK to be out of breath and feel unfit. I don't want to age horribly, I  have two kids in their teens and I want to be able to go on hikes and play tennis with them."

Amparo also hadn't put herself first. But she knew that she wanted to spend the rest of her life feeling confident and having more energy. 

She had tried yoga and HIIT based workouts in the past, but couldn't keep up with the classes. In fact, she couldn't move for 2 weeks after a HIIT class! Amparo was afraid that she would hurt herself if she tried to do her own workouts, so she knew that she would need professional guidance - from the RIGHT studio. 

Because we specifically work with women in their 40s and 50s (and most of them have some injury) we knew we could help Amparo so she signed up to come for 3 Group Training lessons per week!


The Workout Plan

She had three onboarding sessions with us, and this is what we did :

  1. Goal setting - so we could have some tangible goals to aim for
  2. Body measurements and weight
  3. Photos
  4. Movement analysis
  5. Flexibility tests

Then, we took her through the basics of pilates and strength training. Our goal was to get her ready for group classes.

Finally she was ready for our classes!

Her Group Training Classes

For a goal of fat loss and gaining muscle, our Strong & Lean classes were essential as part of her programme. This was combining strength training, cardiovascular exercises to expedite fat burning, and pilates for flexibility and mobility.

Amparo found it a bit hard in the beginning, as she didn't have very good balance, and a sense of where her body was in space.

So we combined Pilates reformer classes for her, and the coaches worked to find ways she could join the classes given her limitations. We didn't want her to stop, nor did we want her to 'sit out' during certain movements. So we got creative, and figured out how she could join in and still work the muscle groups that we were targeting

It was a success

Amparo was able to join our group classes, and the exercises were modified for her and she knew exactly what to do.

Also our coaches were able to guide and support her in the group classes. As our classes are capped at 6 clients, it's easy for us to do this. We would plan her workouts before she came to class, even in a group setting. 

Studio Covid Closure...

However in May, because of a spike in covid cases in Singapore, all fitness studios and gyms were shut for 6 weeks. But we had a plan which had been in place for over a year.

All our clients moved to virtual classes - so that they were able to keep going. Because the alternative of NOT exercising for 6 whole weeks was not an option!

Amparo did virtual Strong & lean and also Virtual Pilates classes. It kept her going and the results which we took when she returned to the studio speak for themselves!

The Results!

When Amparo returned to the studio when we reopened, we took her weight and body measurements and were astounded!

In 10 weeks (of which 6 weeks were doing virtual classes) Amparo :

  • Lost 3.6 kg
  • Lost a total of 37 cm all over her body!

She was ECSTATIC! She had a huge grin on her face and she looked amazing. 

"The whole FitNut Team have been so supportive and encouraging since I started 10 weeks ago. They are very knowledgeable, fun, and warm. I honestly love the classes with them! My overall fitness level is definitely improving. My cardio endurance, muscle tone and core strength are slowly getting better".

She's most proud of the fact that she can "get through the Strong & Lean classes without dying in the process! "

What she loves about training at FitNut Loft is "The coaches have consistently encouraged me, without pushing me too far, to the point where I would injure myself and worsen my condition. The first few weeks were extremely difficult for me, but they were all so patient and caring."

Her advice to anyone who feels they are too unfit to start an exercise programme, "It is definitely hard and frustrating at the beginning, but you will see results if you stick with it. “Slowly but surely” is the key."

Congratulations Amparo! We are so proud of you, and especially because you keep turning up, you're not giving up because you can see the bigger picture!


 What to do next

If you're interested in finding out how pilates + weight training can help you get stronger, be healthier, more flexible, lose weight, then contact us to book a call with a Coach so we can find out if are the studio for you! After all, all we want is for you to Commit To A Better You!

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