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4 Tips To Keep Working Out During A Covid Shutdown

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4 Tips To Keep Working Out During A Covid Shutdown

Your Workout Options When Your Gym or Fitness Studio Is Shut

Gym Or Studio Shut Due to Covid?

Your gym is shut. Again. You're frustrated. 

Well, gyms and studios feel your pain. This is the 3rd time in Singapore we have had to close our doors. This time however the Government has given us a few options to work with. We could either have clients workout in our studio without any equipment or props, or we can choose to do rehab work with clients. But not both. Then of course, there's the virtual option.

Virtual Fitness Workouts

Since the circuit breaker in April-June last year, we pivoted very quickly and had a robust, fun virtual programme. Because our in-studio programmes were so easy to switch to virtual, our clients were able to continue with the programme we set for them without a single bump. We sent them home with equipment, and we wrote the programme especially adapted to working out from home.

Our clients were thankful and even loved it! One client said that if it weren't for us, "I'd be stuck in my pyjamas all day!".

We knew that we had a really good programme. So, we continued with it after the circuit breaker, and always had 1-2 classes per week. 

So when the new closures were forced upon us in May and again in July this year, we were whip quick in getting our Virtual programme up and running again. And our clients loved it! They were again, so thankful that we kept going for them. And in turn we were so thankful for our clients for keeping up with classes.

What To Do With Gym Closures

How about yourself? Are you a bit annoyed and frustrated that this has happened again?

I'm going to guess that you fall into one of these camps :

  1. You are embracing the challenge, and following the workout plan that your regular studio has set out, whether it's virtual or not. 

  2. You don't have a regular workout nor studio/gym that you're a member of, so you are feeling a bit lost. 

If you are in Camp #1 then I don't think you really need to read this blog any further! Awesome stuff, keep going, and know that you're doing an amazing thing for your mental and physical health.

However if you fall in Camp #2, then please keep reading. Because I'm going to further break down this group into 3 sub groups. Let's go back to what it means to be in Camp2. 

You aren't a member of a studio/gym

You don't have a community, nor do you have anyone "looking out for you".

This means that you have to think of something for yourself. And this is where you can get split up into 3 different groups. 

Group 1 :

You don't need anyone to tell you what to do or to 'look out for you'. Because you are someone who enjoys working out, and is ready to take on whatever challenge you can find. Because you value your workouts, and even if you have to run up the stairs at Fort Canning Park then so be it! You're not going to be stopped, and you're resourceful enough to find something that you can do. This is most likely going to come from the internet. You could subscribe to YouTube videos to follow from home. Or purchase a programme. Or join a Live Virtual short term programme.

If you're in this group then you don't have to keep reading either. Well done! Nothing is standing in your way - keep doing whatever you're doing! You've got this, because you really value your health and fitness.

Group 2:

Okay, so you aren't a regular attendee of any classes at any gyms or studios. You don't have a regular workout plan, you kinda bumble along doing whatever you can find, or nothing at all. You most likely walk a lot or run for exercise. But, you are frustrated that you can't go to your classes. No matter what, you actually do enjoy the classes that you do go to - albeit in many different studios. You may find that you have stopped working out. Because it's just a bit harder to figure this all out on your own. You’re going to wait till the studios reopen again. In the meantime, you'll just continue to walk. Or run.

If this is you - then I don’t think that you’re actually looking for a programme. You’re content to do a little bit of this and that. But if you’re curious and want to find out more then keep reading. 


Group 3 :

Finally, the gyms/studios you go to are offering virtual programmes. But you don't want to do their virtual classes. Because you don't feel it's worth your money. After all, why should you do a "virtual" class when you want the real deal. The bells and whistles. The super duper equipment that you feel you deserve to use.

If this is you, then you'll ask to freeze your membership. You'll have all the intention of doing your own workouts. Because YouTube is free after all, right? You have a plan. You're going to work out everyday! Because it's Free!

Free Workouts Don't Mean They Will Work

You may have the best intention to do these free workouts - except you don't. Each day, you say you'll do something, but then you don't. And you actually do wish you had a plan. You do wish that someone would do all the thinking for you - “how many reps? What exercise? What is the flow of the movements? How much weight? What should I concentrate on? Am I even doing this correctly? Oh my back - it hurts  now!”

Because left to yourself, and by not being a fitness professional, it's really hard to keep the motivation going. It's hard to keep to a programme, and you'll also miss the live interactions with your coach and other people, even if this live interaction is on a computer screen.

Because, even though you aren't getting all the 'bells and whistles', you realise that deep down, the thing that really, truly makes a difference is this :

  1. You aren't a professional. Your coach is. That is your coach's job, to programme your workouts, and to keep you motivated, accountable, and to have fun. Your coach knows you, your injuries and how to modify your workouts -even on a computer screen. You can literally switch your brain off, knowing that you are in the great hands of your coach. You'll turn up, show up, each week, and do whatever your coach asks you to do. 

  2. And you realise that the most important thing isn't the big elaborate workouts. It's being consistent. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly consistencies. Just because life has thrown you the sourest of lemons, you realise that this is not a reason to stop your workouts.

And that's really what's at the heart of the matter folks.

Be Consistent, Do Not Stop Working Out

I live by this thought. The day I am going to stop 'exercising & moving' is the day that I'm buried. Because it's absolutely necessary to a life of happiness. Because when you are physically active, exercising and moving, you are doing wonderful things to your body. You are keeping it strong, nimble, flexible. And what about your mind? You are keeping your mind sharp, your heart healthy, and you aren't a slave to ageing.

Photo by <a href=BBH Singapore on Unsplash " width="500" />

And if you let things constantly get in your way of movement, then this is a really serious matter that you NEED to give attention to. Because it's not just for you. But it's for the people who love you and need you. And this is especially true for ageing women who aren't regular exercisers.

I would love for 'exercising and moving' to be embedded in your DNA. So, it's something that you will just do. Let's face it - you actually really DO need to exercise a minimum of 3/week. 

Advice For Women Who Want To Be Fit and Healthy 

For Group 3 (and the curious in Group 2) - here's what I suggest.

  1. Get onto YouTube and google 'workout at home". I guarantee that you'll hit thousands of videos. Find one that suits you best, based on how much time you have and what equipment you have. 

  2. Have a plan. Get your calendar out and mark out 3 times this week that you'll put aside 30-60 minutes to exercise. Go on - do this now. Don't wait! (have you done it yet?).

  3. This is a bit of a no brainer and I'm totally biased of course, but just ask your gym or studio what virtual plans they have. And if you know, like and trust them, then you can be certain that they will have a great programme for you to follow! Remember - all gyms and studios should have an awesome virtual plan by now. And if they don't, then look at the next point. 

  4. Look for a new studio that DOES have a kick ass virtual programme! They’ll have had more than a year to get things right, all for the clients to have a fun memorable experience, and to keep getting results. 

4 Things a Virtual Programme Should Have For Women

  1. Are they experts in that particular field, especially for the slightly older woman?

  2. Do they have daily classes at different times so you can benefit from having the flexibility of working out from home?

  3. Are they going to loan you some equipment so you can join the classes?

  4. Do they look and seem confident??

There. This is a bit of a long way of telling you these main points :

  1. Don't let this covid gym/studio closure stop you from working out

  2. If you don't have the knowledge to develop your own programme, check out YouTube. 

  3. If you don't have the knowledge AND you need an expert to check on your form and keep you motivated, then you'll have to join a virtual programme.

You have the power to control your thoughts and actions. Choose to be frustrated, or choose to be positive and do something about it. 

And remember, it's not that common for us to "want" to exercise. Heck - I feel lazy all the time! But the truth of the matter is, us women really need to workout. And the best way is for a professional to help you.

What To Do Next?

We help women in their 40s, 50s and beyond commit to a better future by helping them gain strength and confidence with our specialised workout programmes. We offer virtual and in studio programmes. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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