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FitNutter - From Zero to Highly Motivated

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FitNutter - From Zero to Highly Motivated

Our FitNutter for November is Asanthi!

Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our client's wins. We call our clients "FitNutters" - someone who is dedicated and passionate into making a better future for herself. And this month, we are so happy to have Asanthi as FitNutter of the month!


Work Took Over

As a busy lawyer and mum, Asanthi (48) put work ahead of working out. Having done Pilates in the past though she knew that it helped her sit taller and feel better. But she didn't have much motivation to work out - so walking into our studio was the first step and, perhaps the most important step towards better health !



Asanthi was worried that she wouldn't have the stamina to last through our classes, because we combine strength training, HIIT and pilates. "I'm self conscious and not coordinated, so I was worried I'd look silly!"

We reassured her that at FitNut Loft, we are perfect for women just like her - women who feel too shy to workout in a gym, or to workout with younger women.


The Workout Plan

Asanthi had 3 onboarding sessions with us to learn fundamental movements of both pilates and weight training. We assessed her movements so we could point out to her where her weaknesses were. We took her measurements and photos so we'd always have a base line to refer to. 

Next, we discussed what goals we'd hope to achieve.  Based on that, we developed a plan for the best classes that would help her achieve those goals. We stressed that our Strong & Lean classes were key for strength gain. And as we do pilates in all classes, she could be sure of getting flexibility, mobility and a stronger core too (because that is what Pilates is 'famous' for!).


The Results!

There's a reason she's our FitNutter of the month. Asanthi was not afraid to exercise out of her comfort zone, doing things that were not only hard, but alien to her. 

"Training with Fitnut Loft has been so good! There are a good range of classes with varying levels of intensity. All the coaches are so committed to helping people like me get fitter and healthier".

Asanthi says that her core is stronger, and her balance has improved. While she has lost centimeters all over her body - this was not a primary goal. However she is thrilled that herclothes fit better!

Coach Steph had this to say about Asanthi :

"She has improved SO much since the first day she stepped into the Studio. She is always willing to take on a challenge."

Coach Amelia concurred saying that she's always attending classes without fail, and that she has shown huge improvements.

Asanthi has reason to be very proud of her achievements. She's been attending her classes regularly, 3 times a week. And that she is also pushing herself to lift heavier weights. "I know it's a long journey, and I want to keep challenging myself. I know FitNut Loft will help me with that!".


What do you love about training with us?

Asanthi loves that we are committed to helping all clients improve their fitness and health. From the very first onboarding session to see where each client starts from, to the Strong & Lean programme that is changed every 3 weeks. "I also like that the coaches can provide modifications that are unique to each of us, and how they all remember my specific issues and keep an eye out for me in their classes".

Asanthi's advice to anyone out there, is that everyone has to start somewhere - regardless of your current fitness and health level. "It's tough at the beginning but it gets better! And it's so rewarding when you can feel yourself improving over the programme.

Asanthi - you're an absolute pleasure to have as a client, and we can't wait to see where you are at in the next few months! Cheers!


What to do next

If you're interested in finding out how pilates + weight training can help you get stronger, be healthier, more flexible, lose weight, then contact us to book a call with a Coach so we can find out if are the studio for you! After all, all we want is for you to Commit To A Better You!

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