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Elin Lost Over 5 kg On The Little Black Dress Project

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Elin Lost Over 5 kg On The Little Black Dress Project

The Little Black Dress project is a 4 week programme that incorporates a change in nutrition and workouts that combine strength training, HIIT and pilates. We celebrate the end of the 4 weeks with a Professional Photo Shoot! 

Women don't want to look like supermodels. But we do want to feel beautiful and confident. 

Do you feel that you suck in your tummy when you go out and have your photo taken?

Do you agonize over what to wear that doesn't make you "look fat"?

Are you fed up with how your body has changed and you wish that you could feel svelte, trim and ... well, let's face it - LOOK and FEEL Beautiful.

Elin is one of our LBD Graduates

At the time of joining the LBD Project, Elin was 42 years old. She is a mum to 2 young kiddos, and works full time.

Elin had a lot of issues with her hips and lower back over the years, and when she first came to see me at FitNut Loft as a private client, our goal was to have her become pain free. And we achieved that. While a goal was also to lose 10+ kgs, that was not our main intention because we needed her to be out of pain, so that her mind and body were in a calmer happier place. Once we achieved that, we knew we could then tackle her nutrition.

Elin worked so hard and she became pain free! She was then confident of joining the LBD Project. 

Her Goals

Elin's BMI was 28 and she was overweight. She wanted to lose weight and be able maintain the weight loss.

Elin Achieved...

Elin has lost 5.2 kg, and over 19 cm's over her whole body. In particular, her waist where she lost 5 cm's.

"I can wear clothes that I haven't worn in 2-3 years. I'm also a lot more active and feel less tired compared to before".

Before the LBD, Elin tried to walk 2-4 kilometers on 1-2 days per week. But she found that she'd have to stop often even while walking, because she could feel her hips start to spasm.

"Now, I can jog 5km without walking at all!"

What Elin Learnt

"It is so helpful to have a structure of what to eat, and what exercise to do. However, even with a structure it's so hard to do it on your own! That's why it's so easy to follow a programme like the Little Black Dress Project!"

Also, in the past Elin would keep a food diary and she thought she was eating a lot of veggies. But, this project has revealed that she thought she was eating a lot of vegetables before, but it was barely a fraction of what she ate during the 4 weeks. 

Portion control was another surprise. The biggest takeaway was that I discovered that I could do quite well with smaller portions, and not eating bread or pasta. Some days, I even felt there was too much food in the meal plan!"

Moving forward

The 4 week Little Black Dress Project is only a blip in a lifetime. The biggest problem when someone joins a challenge or programme is... what next? How can they maintain it so that they don't gain what they've lost?

"I will create my own food plan based on my favourite dishes from the LBD Recipe Book. And perhaps, add some from other sources so that I can continue to eat healthy, home cooked meals. 

I will continue doing this until I've reached my goal weight, and after that create a more relaxed food plan to sustain that healthy weight". 

The Key To Success?

Having a Plan.

And if you find that having tried something yourself and you couldn't get the results, the other secret is....

Have a Coach to guide you in this process.

Because we provide accountability! Who else would you have to say "sorry I can't go to training today because I'm too lazy"? No one! You'll always forgive yourself. But a coach will spur you on, and be there for when you need motivation or modifications.

That's our job.

Your job - is to turn up and put in 100% effort.

Elin's message to everyone out there who is reading this and feels that it's impossible to achieve the same results :

"If you're motivated to make some real changes to your eating and exercise habits, the Little Black Dress Project will definitely get you there! The Coach didn't make me feel bad once! There was no nagging, but a lot of support! I felt all the time that "I got this". Of course knowing that there were other women doing this with me motivated me too! We never compared our results, we didn't "humble brag".

Clean, honest, support from other women - just like her :)

Well Done Elin! We are so proud of you and your photos show that you sparkle with happiness and confidence! 


Interested To Achieve This too?

To join our next wave of the Little Black Dress Project, click HERE to get on the wait list and to find out more. We all deserve to feel beautiful and confident in our Little Black Dresses  x

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