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Who we are 

Hi I'm Aly - the owner of FitNut Loft. I'm in my late 40s and guess what? Women in their 40s and 50s want to work out in a studio with their tribe. And they want to be challenged and understood and listened to!

I ask my clients - if you could live till 99 and be pain free, happy and healthy - would you?

So that's why I disrupted the Pilates experience - by adding strength training and nutrition coaching for all our clients at our studio in Pandan Valley.

Our community are called FitNutters - because we are fit and we don't take ourselves too seriously. 

FitNut Loft helps women as they age - so that they can live beautiful long lives for decades to come. So that they can be independent and not have to rely on anyone to do things. So that they can be happier and more confident with their lives and bodies.

Our mission is help 10,000 women live happier, healthier lives.



You will:

Provide a world-class training experience that delivers measurable results to clients, cultivating a strong sense of family, and create raving fans of FitNut Loft.

We are looking for someone an intern to join our team, and this person could be : 

  • You may have no experience at all however you are passionate about health and fitness and helping others. You want a new career.
  • You are certified in a related field (pilates, yoga, Personal trainer, group trainer, zumba etc) but have limited experience actually coaching people.
  • You will start with a part time role, and this could transition into a full time role (20-25 hours per week).


We are looking for the right person to join our team, and we will make sure you are set up to succeed. 

  • You'll get in-house training and mentorship
  • You will start of as an intern and in 2+ months you could have the opportunity to become a Coach if you are ready (Head Coach will determine your readiness).
  • You will have the opportunity to take on a higher role with more responsibility and showing more leadership. 


Training Role:

  • You will undergo 4-8 weeks of shadowing and training with the Head Coach, and observing and joining other classes taught by other Coaches.
  • You will learn the fundamentals of our signature “Strong & Lean” class which includes weight training.
  • You will learn our assessment and onboarding procedure so you may work with private clients. 
  • You will get in house training in our Branded In house certifications - Reformer, Jungle, CardioTramp, Strong & Lean




Lovely energy - you are able to get a class going with your vibrant energy - think how does Gwen Stefani do it?

Punctual - arrives early and not afraid to go the extra mile

Compassionate - Understand that most people that come in are in pain and seeking our help. We work to rise them up not push them down. 

Flexible & Adaptable - willing to change with the circumstances. Able to help cover your team's classes - you've got their back.

Great communication skills - You're able to coach clients in private or small groups and they can hear you clearly, understand you, and follow your cues. You are upbeat and enthusiastic when with clients and you make them feel comfortable and accepted. You brighten up their day!

Walk the talk - be a FitNutter! Lead by example.

Shift hours don't phase you - you're able to work early mornings, nights or weekends as part of the team.

Tech doesn't scare you - social media, texting, and using various apps don't scare you.

Want to learn - you aren't content with just staying where you are, you want to absorb like a sponge and grow professionally.  



Client assessments - Assess client's progress every month using our assessment tools

Social Media - You will be active in our page, liking and sharing to grow our SEO. You will take fun photos and videos (with clients consent) for us to share on social media.  

Retention - Maintain 80% client retention rate (Not applicable for interns)

Referrals - Generate at least 1 client referral a month (we will give you the tools and training to achieve this) (Not applicable for interns)

Testimonials - Generate at least 1 client testimonial a month (Not applicable for interns)


Required - A passion for health and fitness. Want to make this into a 'new career' and to absorb like a sponge. 

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