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FitNutter - After Slipped Disc To A Stronger Core

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FitNutter - After Slipped Disc To A Stronger Core

Our FitNutter for December is Foong Kheng!

Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our client's wins. We call our clients "FitNutters" - someone who is dedicated and passionate into making a better future for herself. And this month, we are so happy to have Foong Kheng as FitNutter of the month!


Slipped Disc

Five years ago when she was only 27, Foong Kheng experienced numbness in her leg. It turned out that she had a slipped disc. Wanting to avoid surgery, she worked with a chiropracter who taught her some stretches and exercises to do at home. She also hired a Personal Trainer to help strengthen her back. 5 years later, she kept at her daily stretches and exercises. But there was the underlying fear that the slipped disc could recur, so her Chiropractor suggested she do Pilates. Google led her to us!


During her consultation, Foong Kheng struck me as a woman who knew exactly what needed to be done but she knew that she needed Expert Guidance to make sure she did it correctly. She was afraid that if she joined group classes, then she wouldn't get the attention she needed. Nor, the modifications for exercises to support her back problems. 

"Since I had a slip disc before, to avoid being injured again, getting the correct and right posture during class was my utmost priority".

Her commitment level was a 9 out of 10. The only reason it wasn't a 10 was because she was going to be starting a new job. And even then, most people wouldn't commit to a 6 month programme - but Foong Kheng did! This was a determined person who knew that she had to invest time into protecting her health.

The Workout Plan

Foong Kheng worked out privately with Coach Steph once a week, and attended 2 group classes with Coach's Amelia and also Coach Steph. Her private classes concentrated on core strength, and to learn how to do the exercises safely so that she could attend group classes confidently. 

But as our Coach's consult each other on every client, Coach Amelia already knew what modifications were required as Coach Steph had already told her exactly what to look out for. Foong Kheng was in Great hands!

Foong Kheng did two different group classes every week. Reformer classes, and our signature Strong & Lean classes. In the latter, we also incorporate our Fat Burner which is essentially a HIIT cardiovascular exercise designed to burn fat. 

The Results!

Foong Kheng said that the obvious change she has noticed over 6 months is tighter abs, stronger core and more glute definition. She has learnt to engage her core muscles in her daily activities such as climbing stairs, because she has learnt how important it is to gently keep the core engaged to support the back.

Foong Kheng is most proud of her lifted derriere! A flat bum means that you don't have muscle tone - well, after her glute workouts with us, she has noticed that she is flat no more! 

Having worked out with us for 6 months, she found the whole process very invigorating. She correctly assumed that all the coaches are briefed on client's history - "which is rare in a commercial gym!".

She is starting to also join CardioTramp classes which are horizontal trampolining on the reformer. This workout is a low intensity cardio workout which simultaneously works the core, and also interspersed with upper body exercises.

The Future

"I'd like to further strengthen my core and also to reach my target weight. I love that the classes are small (maximum of 5 people) and that I'm given extra care given my history".

We are MOST proud of Foong Kheng turning up to Every Single Class. Seriously - she has not missed a single one. Knowing the power of creating habits and tiny changes, she credits the book by James Clear - Atomic Habits  - to enable her to stick to her routine and commitment to her health. One quote from the book "Tiny changes, remarkable results" is always in the back of her mind.

"You will be surprised how small (atomic) changes to a person's daily , routine that will yield results in the long run. Start creating tiny goals and achievable habits today!"

Foong Kheng - we are so proud of your achievements, and for being such an inspiration to us. Turning up every week for your 3 workouts without ever cancelling is a Big Win! We are so happy to have you continue your journey with us for the next 6 months!

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