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Fitness Hero - Committed To Getting Stronger and Muscle Definition

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Fitness Hero - Committed To Getting Stronger and Muscle Definition

Fitness Hero - Our FitNutter for January is Amy Long!

Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our clients wins. We call our clients “FitNutters” - someone who is dedicated and passionate into making a better future for herself. And this month we are thrilled to have Amy Long as FitNutter of the month!

Slipped Disc 

Amy (40) joined FitNut Loft a few years ago. She had a slipped disc and had recovered, but was wary of hitting the gym with a personal trainer because it was in one of those sessions that her disc slipped.  


Amy has two young beautiful daughters, and while she was also in a full time job, she knew that she wanted to set up a strong fitness foundation - for life. 

The Workout Plan 

Amy joined our group classes, called “Strong & Lean”. This class combined both pilates and strength training so that she could get stronger, get her cardiovascular HIIT workout, and strengthen her core and back which were important to reduce any future issues with her back. 


We were able to modify the workouts for her that were not good for her back. For instance, Amy felt uncomfortable doing any kettlebell swings - as that was probably one of the reasons for her disc issue. 


An easy fix - we just gave her a different variation that provides the same benefits as the kettlebell swing!


Amy currently does the following classes on top of the Strong & Lean class :


HEAT - this class is a circuit based programme. Each client is on one station, and when the timer goes, they rotate to the next station. This exercise is responsible for giving Amy her amazing strong, defined shoulders that made us all do a double take! 


Reformer - Amy also joins the advanced reformer classes where she gets to enjoy challenging her body to do different types of movement, all to support the other workouts she does with us. Plus, pilates really strengthens the core which is fundamental to escaping back issues. . 

The Results

Amy has noticed that she is definitely getting stronger! She’s lifting heavier weights, and she loves the combination of combining pilates with strength training


“I never feel bored. During the pandemic, working out almost daily with FitNut Loft’s virtual classes was a lifesaver!”


Indeed - Amy was always in class, even when wifi would try to throw a spanner in the works! It was also cute when her mum joined a class - oh, and her young daughters could be seen joining in sometimes too! 


 “The Fat Burner is a great cardiovascular workout. I’m  more comfortable now with having my heart rate much higher during this part of the workout.”


One other thing Amy is really proud of is that she does not have the “asian butt”! What is that you ask? Well, it’s a flatter bottom that does not fill out your jeans. This means you don’t have muscle definition, which in turn means your glutes are weak. Having strong glute (butt) muscles is imperative for a healthy strong back!


How did Amy get these amazing glutes? Because in every strong & lean workout, we have a Glute Workout which focuses on making all 3 gluteus muscles stronger. 


This has a serious knock on effect for a more robust and strong body!

The Future

Getting in shape was one of Amy's key goals when she first joined us. She’s definitely in shape, and she is definitely stronger. 


But is she stopping there? 




She is still turning up to her workouts 3 times a week. Her commitment was sown when she renewed her membership with us to 18 months. What a commitment!


Amy’s next goal - is to increase her muscle mass even more. We hear you Amy and we will make sure that you are working to achieve those goals!


The results that Amy has achieved, while putting in the actual physical effort of turning up to class and working ‘hard’ has made her realise “exercise is crucial for me to maintain my mood and energy levels”. 


“I love the variety and encouraging environment. It’s really inspiring for me to see some of the older fellow FitNutters. I want to be active and strong when I’m their age too!


Amy’s advice to someone reading this who is sitting on the fence about starting a workout routine, “Just get started. One step at a time”. 


And her slip disc has not returned. 


Bravo Amy - you do the work, you have prioritised YOUR time even with your job and your young daughters. We are proud that you have entrusted us with your health and we can’t wait to see what else you can achieve!

Your Fitness & Health Future

Improving your health means that your future will look brighter. As we age, we just get more injuries and illnesses. But being strong and robust will give us the best chance of avoiding that. 


FitNut Loft delivers the Best pilates and strength training workouts for women in their 40s and 50s to be stronger, have more energy, lose weight and eliminate body pain as they age, in a safe non judgemental space. 


Fill up the form on this page and we will be in touch to see how we can also help YOU achieve your fitness and health goals.

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