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Are you passionate about fitness and health? We are hosting an Information Evening on 23rd March to explain what our academy is about, who it’s for, and what you can expect.   

If you’re passionate about your own fitness and health, chances are you’ve never considered that others aren’t as passionate or knowledgable as you are. Or, when you’re exercising you look over at someone who is doing something incorrect or downright dangerous, and your first impulse is to want to help them.  


You, my friend, are exactly who we are looking for. 


Someone who has passion, and is already working out, and someone with Empathy and NO judgement on how others are! 

FitNut Coach Academy

No one has written a certification for exactly how we at FitNut Loft train our clients. That’s why I wrote it myself. 


We combine pilates (mat and reformer); strength training; HIIT, TRX style exercises and nutrition coaching to help real people get real results. 


There is no one right or wrong way to train someone. But over the last 15 years of training 1000 people I have worked out what is possibly the best combination for women. Especially women over 40. 

Client Results 

This is Sue (60). In her first month she lost 4% body fat, 1.6kg and 25 cm around her body. Sue wanted to get stronger and lose some weight.  Sue loves that everyone at FitNut Loft is so friendly and helpful. 


Asanthi (48) struggled to exercise regularly. She came to us, wanting to take her health seriously. Now, her core is stronger, and her balance has improved. And, she has lost 35 CM and 5% body fat! That's why her clothes fit better!

What is the Academy?

In 3 months, you will learn :

  • Anatomy Foundations
  • Mat Pilates - Beginner
  • Reformer Pilates - Beginner
  • Coaching skills


This in itself will be the best starting point you could possibly have to start training someone. It will be the start, not the end, of your education in fitness and health. 

Join our Information Evening 



If you’re the right fit, we may offer you a job to be a Coach with us as we are always looking for special people, to help our super special clients like Sue and Asanthi.  


Then, you will be given further free in-house training on our own programmes. 


If you don’t join us,  you’ll be certified by FitNut Loft and you can confidently start to train your own clients. And we are always here to help you. 

Who are we?

FitNut Loft delivers the Best pilates and strength training workouts for women in their 40s and 50s to be stronger, have more energy, lose weight and eliminate body pain as they age, in a safe non judgemental space. These women value working out with their tribe, while we guide them to ensure safety, and keep them motivated to consistently show up. 


And we can’t wait to help thousands more women over the years. 

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