Strong, Fit and Toned at 60

Strong, Fit and Toned at 60

Fitness Heroine - Our FitNutter for March is Sue!

Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our clients' wins. We call our clients “FitNutters” - someone who is working hard to making a better future for her health and life. We do this by combining Pilates, Strength training, Nutrition Coaching and HIIT - especially for women over 40 who want to get stronger, toned, and lean.

And this month we are thrilled to have Sue Tedd as FitNutter for March!  

What made her call us?

When Sue called she was about to turn 60 and was looking for small group training that would increase her strength and flexibility. “I didn’t want bootcamp style class where there would be a lot of people in each class, which could increase any likelihood of injuries. 

Her Goals

When Sue came in for her free consultation,  she shared that her goals were to lose about 10 kg, and to be more flexible as she was tight in her glutes and legs. She also wanted to build muscle and strength. 


Her biggest concerns were that she wanted to remain active as she grew older, as well as get stronger. 


Sue needed accountability to help her stay motivated and to continue to show up. Having structure in her life meant that she could commit to showing up 3 times every week to achieve her fitness goals. 


We signed Sue up for a 6 month Group Fitness Class Training subscription, with the 1st month being private training. We felt that this would be extremely beneficial for Sue so that she could get a good grip on the fundamentals. 

Her onboarding

During Sue’s onboarding, we did the regular measurements and photos.


When it came to the movement assessment of performing the arms overhead squats, we found that Sue’s knees had a tendency to go inwards. This was especially for her left side which had undergone surgery some years back. 


We worked on the fundamentals during her first month of private training, and gave her lots of tips which meant that once she joined group Fitness Classes, she would be able to utilise those tips. 


All our coaches knew what to expect and knew that we would definitely need to help Sue with her strength in her legs.  

How did she feel? 

Sue felt training with us as an uplifting experience. “I feel the coaches really  understand how to train my body and push me when needed”. 


Indeed! Sue would give it all she got - and we made sure that while feeling enthusiastic, we would make sure that her form was always top of mind - so we could avoid any potential injuries. 


Sue’s favourite class is the Circuit - which was a 5 station circuit of reformer, TRX, strength and HIIT. It was here that Sue met the battle ropes! Which was an amazing cardio exercise without being stressful on the knees. 


“While always giving it her all, Sue knew when she had to rest and take a breather. I always encourage her to embrace the challenge, and part of that challenge is also knowing when a break is required! The last thing we want is for any of our clients to push themselves too hard which will only cause unnecessary injuries and will take her out of her training. Sue is so inspiring and always has a smile on her face!” - Said Coach Aly. 

Changes in body

After the first month of working with us, we did Sue’s first assessment and we were delighted to see that she had lost centimeters all around her body. But in particular, around her belly. 


Losing fat around the belly is a great thing to happen - because the fat in the belly is called visceral fat. And this fat surrounds the organs - which is NOT good! So when Sue’s tummy became smaller it was high fives all around!  


“I’ve noticed that I’m stronger now, and that I have more endurance”. Of course, we do caution Sue and all our other clients that an exercise should not necessarily feel “easier”. Especially with strength training. Because if it gets easier, that means that you are ready to lift heavier. We want to always be ‘stressing’ the muscle which will cause the fibers to tear, and in doing so, will result in - Strength!


When we nudged Sue to share what she was most proud of, she said “I’m so proud that I have lost centimeters all over my body! I also feel more toned. I also love the variety of classes to choose from”.


Our classes consist mainly of 

- Strong & Lean - a mixture of pilates, strength training and HIIT. 

- Reformer - exercises on the most loved pilates equipment. 

- HEAT  - circuit style strength training.
- Circuit - 5 stations that include reformer, TRX, battle ropes, kettlebells, landmines and HIIT. 

What next? 

Sue’s next goals include to get more flexible and to maintain her strength. She has a few more kilograms to drop but she’s confident that with her workouts at FitNut Loft, she will achieve her goals. 


Sue has some advice for those who are approaching their 60s, and with dodgy knees : 

“Just start the journey with FitNut Loft. You won’t be disappointed!” 


Sue we are SO proud of you and can't wait to have you continue your journey with us! You are a REAL inspiration to so many other women out there.

Who are we?

FitNut Loft delivers the Best pilates and strength training workouts for women in their 40s and 50s to be stronger, have more energy, lose weight and eliminate body pain as they age, in a safe non judgemental space. These women value working out with their tribe, while we guide them to ensure safety, and keep them motivated to consistently show up.


And we can’t wait to help thousands more women over the years. 


We can help you - just fill out this form and we will be in touch in the next business day to help YOU achieve your fitness and health goals. 

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