Pilates and strength training helped her tone her arms and keep her accountable

Pilates and strength training helped her tone her arms and keep her accountable

Pilates and strength training helped her tone her arms


Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our clients wins. We call our clients FitNutters - Someone who is looking to improve her health and fitness through Pilates, strength training and nutrition coaching. And in April we are thrilled to have Lynette Lim as FitNutter of the month!


What made her call us?

Lynnette (51), runs her own company and when she got in touch with us, it was to get generally fitter. 


In the past she had practised pilates at other studios, but she just didn’t have the discipline to attend regularly. 


She was also concerned that she may get bored in the same class, every single week. Lynette knew that boredom would cause her to not attend class. 


But she realised that as she had a bit more control over her personal time, it was ‘time’ she looked into a regular exercise schedule! 

Her Goals

Lynette wanted to have a better level of fitness and to have upper body strength and to look ‘toned’. 


There was the fear that she may grow old and just get weaker and have no strength. 


Lynette wanted to feel good about herself too - and over here at FitNut Loft we support women with these goals because that can help with our mental health and attitude. Which in turn, has a cascade effect on the rest of our lives and the people in it. 


We signed Lynette up for 6 months of Group Training twice a week. 

Her onboarding

During Lynette’s onboarding, we did the regular measurements and photos. When it came to the movement assessment of performing the arms overhead squats, we found that her knees had a tendency to go inwards. 


We taught her the fundamentals of pilates, reformer work and strength training during her two private onboarding sessions. 

How did she feel? 

Lynette loved how the trainings are centred around accountability. If she misses one of her weekly classes, she knew that it would be forfeited so that spurred her to attend her classes regularly! 


“I’m more committed to my fitness and health” because of this system. 

Changes in body

A self confessed procrastinator, once she realised that she could  not put off her weekly training, she found this filtered into her life. 


“There is no room for procrastination in FitNut Loft’s training programme. Once I had this habit instilled in me, I found that I stopped procrastinating in other areas of my life. 


I’m getting more done in my personal and work life and I have more energy to get through my day as well!”. 


Lynette’s regular classes are “Reformer Strong & Lean” which incorporates Reformer pilates, strength training and HIIT. 


And the results?


“My muscles are getting toned. And the muffin bulge that shows up around my bra line just at my shoulder area is gone!”


Lynette was over the moon when she realised she had lost a whopping 4 centimetres around her biceps! 


What next? 

Lynette’s future goals within FitNut Loft are to get more flexible, because she spends long hours in front of the computer working. 


“My leg muscles, hip joints and shoulders are all very tight. I’d like to remove that soreness and have good range of movement again”. 


And that’s why we start the classes with a 5 minute foam rolling to release the key tight areas in her body, so that she can have a class that is not limited by her range of motion. 

What does she love about FitNut Loft? 

“All the coaches are professional and friendly. I feel they are so sincere and are constantly correcting our posture so we maximise the benefits of the movements. 


They vary the routine so we don’t get bored and upping our game if they feel we can handle more weight or movements. 


At the end of class I really feel like I’ve had a good workout!”.



Coach Aly says, “Lynnette is a regular in the Wednesday 7.30 am Reformer Strong & Lean class. She is up for a challenge when I feel she is ready for it. Just the other day, I noticed that she looked so much slimmer! 


We love women who are ready to trust us and our process. We do not rush the process, and we ask all our clients for 100% commitment - which Lynette has given willingly. 

Lynette’s advice to others out there are to give it a go - and you’ll see the benefits.


“You also need to be committed to your fitness. Attend your designated weeky sessions, and you are bound to see results over time. The framework is there, you just need to do your part”. 


And to close, this is what Lynette has to say about us; 


I've always believed in the benefits of pilates and there are plenty of studios to choose from out there. However, not all are sincere and run their business with integrity. The coaches and team at FitNutLoft are professional and they do have your best interest at heart. It's also great that the class sizes are small, so it's a nice cosy, intimate environment to train in.”


Thank you Lynette! And we can’t wait to see you get stronger, more flexible! 

Who are we?

FitNut Loft delivers the Best pilates and strength training workouts for women in their 40s and 50s to be stronger, have more energy, lose weight and eliminate body pain as they age, in a safe non judgemental space. These women value working out with their tribe, while we guide them to ensure safety, and keep them motivated to consistently show up.

And we can’t wait to help thousands more women over the years. 

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