The Next Big Thing in Pilates for Women in River Valley

The Next Big Thing in Pilates for Women in River Valley

FitNut Loft has come to River Valley!


Specifically, 15 Mohamed Sultan Road. 


If you haven’t heard about us, FitNut Loft was established in 2017 by founder Aly Khairuddin. 


“Our first studio was a tiny 400 sq foot studio in Pandan Valley, which is a private condo between Holland and Clementi. It was a tiny studio which initially was meant for my own rehabilitation after breast cancer”. 


But there were many women who were drawn to FitNut Loft. Perhaps because we really spoke to the older, more mature woman. Women who were in their 40s and 50s, approaching menopause. 


We knew that women needed to get stronger, yet, they were hesitant to do so. Because they didn’t want to look bulky. 


But the combination of pilates and strength training is the super elixir for aging well. 


You see, pilates and strength training are perfect partners. Because good core strength and body awareness are built from the foundations of good Pilates practice. 


And this in turn, are used when lifting weights and strength training. Indeed, doing any form of movement. Even something you do everyday like picking up heavy objects. 


And building strength will also help to support getting better in Pilates. Because by building strength, you get to do more complex and advanced pilates exercises. 


FitNut Loft expanded in 2019 to a larger studio, to be able to fit in more clients as we had a growing waiting list. We found that women were getting amazing results.


Our 4 week Little Black Dress Project proved that if you stuck to a programme that made you work out 3 times a week, and by combining pilates and strength training, you could burn fat and build muscles. 


Women who participated in the Little Black Dress Project were losing 4-5 kg in just 4 weeks! And, their body fat also went down around 4-5%. 


And while we love looking amazing, we also want our clients to take away the bigger message. 


Good health. 


And that means, having a healthy body fat percentage range. Because the bad fat surrounds our organs which is not healthy for us. 


Apart from that, having growing muscle mass is important as we age. Strength is one of the single things we can actively pursue and track easily, that is essential to ageing. 


That’s why we are so excited with the opening of our second studio. 


We chose the River Valley area as it was a great location for those who lived centrally and the east of Singapore. The shophouses of Mohamed Sultan Road have always had a lot of charm, and we found a gem at 15 Mohamed Sultan Road. 


The unit is 2200 square feet, and has a mezzanine that will be used for private training. 


The vast space means we can actually have up to 4 different groups exercising, while in Pandan Valley we are limited to 2 groups only. 


The women who live in the River Valley area can get excited knowing that there is now dedicated studio that will help you as you age.

When you go through menopause, breast cancer, surgeries or just general ageing - we are there for you and we can help you!

We make strength training fun, and accessible. So you don’t have to feel scared about it. 


Here’s how we work with our clients : 

Go to and fill out the form for River Valley and we will get in touch within 24 hours to find out more about you. 

Via a short phone call, we find out about your goals and we explain what we do, and what you can expect to invest in a programme with us. 

If the budget suits you, we then set a consultation up in our studio which will  last 45 minutes. 

During the consultation, we ask more questions and find out if we are a good fit. If we are, we’ll present the different programme options to you given your goals.


That’s it! So get in touch now and see just how much you can positively change your life with Pilates, strength training and Excellent Coaching.



FitNut Loft is the leading Pilates & Strength Studio for busy mature women to get stronger and out of pain.

Unlike other crowded and intimidating studios/gyms who don't understand the unique needs of the mature woman, FitNut Loft's unique programme combines everything you need in 55 minutes within a safe and fun environment.

Voted Bronze winner by the readers of Expat Living magazine, over the last 15 years we have helped over 200 women age gracefully with strength and confidence. Our founder, Aly, gained 16 kg, lost all her strength and was in constant pain while going through treatment for breast cancer. She developed our signature Strong & Lean programme to rebuild herself, and knew that this programme would help other women too.

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