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  • Resilience From April's Client Of The Month

    Resilience From April's Client Of The Month

    Our FitNutter For April is Maria Rehan! Here at FitNut Loft we love to celebrate our client's wins. We call our clients "FitNutters" - someone who is dedicated and passionate into making a better future for herself. And this month, we are so happy to have Maria as FitNutter of the month! When Maria joined us in December 2019, she was experiencing a wide range of "issues". Now, these problems weren't your typical problems that our clients come to us with. Most clients join us because they want to lose weight, get flexible, or fix a niggling body pain. But Maria's "pain" was deeper than that. She suffered from alopecia. Alopecia is an autoimmune disease that can cause hair to fall out. ....

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  • Amazing 12 Body Transformation From Yoga to Strong

    Amazing 12 Body Transformation From Yoga to Strong

    Body Tranformations are for everyone Don't believe me? Just look at Bronwyn's transformation. Bronwyn (57) was drawn to the Amazing 12 (A12) Body Transformation because while she wasn't overweight, she wanted to reduce the jiggle that plagues so many women. Also, Bronwyn felt that strength training was lacking from her routine. She practised Yoga and walked daily, but now post menopause, she knew how important weight training was. And she knew that yoga and walking wasn't going to cut it to reduce that jiggle. What is the Amazing 12? Founded by the legendary Paul McIllroy in Ireland, the Amazing 12 (known as A12) quickly escalated as the world's renowned Body Transformation Programme. ....

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  • Fun Look At Pilates Vs Yoga

    Fun Look At Pilates Vs Yoga

    The first question I get from many people when I tell them I own a pilates studio here in Singapore is "Is Pilates like yoga?". Spoiler - it's not. But let's get into the details. I can see why the layperson would think they're the same. They've probably seen images of people with hands on the floor, who are normally barefoot, doing something resembling a stretch. And let's face it, yoga has been around for a lot longer than pilates! Some argue as far back as 5000 years ago! In a way, it seems that yoga is easier to understand because it's more familiar. It's been around for longer and spans multiple cultures. And yoga is pretty much the 'go-to' when people want to become ....

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  • 5 Gym Machines Every Woman Needs To Start With

    5 Gym Machines Every Woman Needs To Start With

    I’ve been going to the gym to lift weights since I was 12. Granted, for about 15 years I was doing the same old thing, lifting the same old weights, but I was still lifting. And, I wasn’t intimidated by other people there. So fast forward 30+ years later, I have zero qualms about entering a gym, filled with buffed Arnie type guys, and lifting weights. Because I know what I’m doing. And that my friend, is the key to confidence. A lot of women feel intimidated by the men in the gym. You know the ones. The ones who look like they know what they’re doing. The men grunting and sweating away lifting the really Big Weights. Or, the women who are doing their ....

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  • Introducing The Female Pelvic Floor

    Introducing The Female Pelvic Floor

    I’m sure you’ve heard about your pelvic floor (PF), and if you’ve ever been pregnant, been told by your gynae to do kegels to “strengthen your pelvic floor”, but the reality is - many women just don’t have a good grasp of truly understanding what the PF is. And they don’t know why it’s important, and they don’t know how to actually strengthen it. Or, they think they’ve been doing PF exercises forever but are stumped when they find out that they have a PF issue. Me and My Floor When I first started doing pilates before I ever got pregnant, the instructors that I had tried to get me to “connect my ....

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  • 3 Things Menopausal Women Need To Prioritise

    3 Things Menopausal Women Need To Prioritise

    Let's not get all down because our bodies are going through what nature intended for them! Menopause is happening, whether you like it or not. In a previous blog , we explained what all women need to know about menopause. Here, we talk about what you can do about it! #1 : Reduce Body Fat Regardless of your sex or age, keeping your body fat in a healthy range is important for a whole host of things. To put things into perspective these are the different ranges for body fat on a woman : Essential fat 10-13% Athletes body fat 14-20% Fair fitness level body fat 21%-24% Acceptable body fat 25%-31%. Obese 32% and above. A woman’s body fat distribution in ....

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  • What every woman needs to know about menopause

    What every woman needs to know about menopause

    When a woman enters her menopause years, how she exercises and how she eats can have a huge positive impact for decades to come. “Since I turned 40 I just can’t get rid of my belly fat!” “It’s so embarrassing when I can’t get off the floor unassisted”. “I look at my parents and am worried that I will have poor health just like them” “I just want to feel confident as I age, sometimes I feel invisible”. “Every birthday that rolls on by I just get more depressed at how old I look and feel”. “I want to be physically and mentally agile”. Those are just some of the phrases that ....

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  • 5 Ways To Eliminate Back Pain

    5 Ways To Eliminate Back Pain

    Lower back pain (LBP) is incredibly common worldwide, regardless of age, and it affects your every day life. We get many people calling us with the goal of eliminating LBP. Although, at this stage it's quite common that they have reluctantly tried to accept that their LBP will always be there. Because they've tried "everything" and seen "everyone" but the pain is still there. We don't claim to have a magic wand to help eliminate this pain. I myself have been through it once. I had been on a 12 hour flight to London, then immediately we were on a 5 hour car journey, and to top that off, the mattress I slept in was just too soft. Oh my. It was then that I understood what sort of ....

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  • 4 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Cancer

    4 Reasons Why We Should Be Talking About Cancer

    4th February 2021 is World Cancer Day. Man - whose life hasn't been affected by cancer? Or at the very least, we know someone who has been affected by cancer. Cancer SUCKS. Yes it does. It's unfair, it happens, and it's the scary C word that freaks people out. I'm a breast cancer survivor of 5 years. Back in 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. The treatment was a bilateral mastectomy (with immediate reconstruction) followed by chemo. Trouble is, my reconstruction was a big dismal failure. Both sides were infected, which led me to make the decision to just take them out, and forever be flat as a pancake. I even decided to shun my prosthetics and instead, embrace being ....

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  • Are You Ready for a Body transformation?

    Are You Ready for a Body transformation?

    My A12 Journey The Amazing 12™ (A12) is the World's Best Body Transformation Programme, created by the genius Paul McIlroy in Dublin. They have helped over 8000 people globally achieve their best selves. I heard about the A12 and applied to be certified. I had to sit through an interview to even be considered! But, I was accepted, and last year I became a fully certified A12 Coach. And, I am the ONLY certified A12 coach here in Singapore! But before I enrolled any clients, I had to go through it myself. The A12 Classic is the original A12 Programme. 12 weeks, 5 workouts a day, 5 cardio sessions Nutrition programme included I was keen to try this because I was amazed at ....

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