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Fitness Classes in Bukit Timah

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Experience Pilates, Weight Training, Suspension Training, and More with Bukit Timah's Best Fitness Classes!

If you're ready to take on total-body fitness in a Group Fitness-style environment, then our Fitness Classes are for you. Using an innovative blend of suspension based training, strength and conditioning, and bodyweight exercises, we'll have you sweating and getting Bukit Timah's best workout in no time. Join us today and see for yourself.

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At FitNut Loft, we're proud to offer several different fitness classes for you to choose from:

  • Strong and Lean - our signature class combines weight circuits and pilates for superior results (strength, lose cms, more energy).
  • Jungle - a suspension based training which uses body weight and is designed for max strength.
  • Cardiotramp - a circuit type class which combines cardio-trampolining on reformer and floor work. Not for beginners!
  • Core Pilates - we use lots of fun props to challenge you. When you walk out you'll go "aaaah... I feel great!".
  • Reformer - most popular pilates equipment, you'll get superior core control.

Why Are Fitness Classes Right For You?

Even if you're just starting out in your fitness career, our Fitness Classes can provide a high-quality, scalable workout to get you the results you want. Our team at FitNut Loft is 100% committed to your success, providing personalized training in small groups that will give you the best of both worlds: the support and accountability of a group fitness-style environment, and the personalized training regimen required to get the best possible results. We understand the challenges that come with getting older, and our team at FitNut Loft is dedicated to encouraging you along the way as you take on this new phase of life. Our goal is for you to feel happier, radiant, and lighter!

We are Bukit Timah's premier fitness facility, with a staff of coaches that can get help you achieve any goal. Join us and take on the best possible training with a team that truly cares about you!

Our Fitness Classes can help you:
  • Slim down or build lean muscle
  • Handle day to day tasks with less pain
  • Connect with an incredibly passionate fitness community
  • Receive training from Bukit Timah's best coaches

At FitNut Loft, we'll help you build total-body fitness in no time. From your very first session, you'll see results in both your body and mental approach to working out. Our team at FitNut Loft is committed to helping you feel better day in and day out. Sign up now and see the results for yourself.

Enroll in Bukit Timah's Premier Fitness Classes Today!

Isn't it time you got the most out of your training? Join us for Fitness Classes at FitNut Loft and make hard work, sweat, and long days without results a thing of the past. Our team at FitNut Loft provides the highest-quality training in all of Bukit Timah. Don't believe us? Sign up for your first session and see how an excellent coach can produce the results you want.

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Our Fitness Classes Classes Are Located In

  • Holland-Clementi
  • River Valley

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