The Amazing 12 at Bukit Timah

What is The AMAZING 12?

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We deliver unprecedented body transformation in shockingly short periods of time, every time, no matter your age, condition, or genetics. This program safely and comfortably perpetuates gains in strength, hypertrophy, fat loss, and cardiovascular conditioning simultaneously and at levels never before thought possible.

There’s no crazy diet, insane workouts, or even harmful chemical aids! Just a fundamentally superior approach to training the body and the mind. Every one of us has an untapped athletic potential underneath our skin! Your body is so much stronger than you think. Our Amazing 12 fitness program helps you taps into your most primal levels of energy, focus, and power!

You've Heard This Before...

Here at FitNut Loft, we totally get that you are not sure how this could work in 12 short weeks. Don’t worry, you're not alone!

In the old model, “No pain, no gain” leads to overtraining, injuries, increased recovery time, and starting over. If you’re not succeeding, you didn’t push yourself hard enough or lack the will to succeed. If you’re still not succeeding, you’re not taking the right supplements. Push your limits until you break through them (but you really just end up breaking yourself). But there's a new way! We're here to help you expand your comfort zone until it swallows its previous limits!

  • “Any pain” equals “no gain”: technical proficiency and optimal programming enhance safety keeping you out of pain and avoiding injuries. 
  • Success is directly proportional to the quality of movement (not how much pain/discomfort you can cause in a single workout). 
  • No need for drugs, supplements, or chemical enhancement.

Core Mastery Area 1: Optimization of Exercise Technique

You cannot perpetuate your progress if your workout injures you. Injuries either slow you down or require time off to recover. You lose what you’ve gained (or at best level off) until you are 100% again. We’ll show you step-by-step the optimal (and required) techniques and their subtleties to master each exercise and minimize the risk of injury even as you progress through higher and higher strength levels.

Core Mastery Area 2: Optimization of Nutrition

Nutrition is crucial, BUT it doesn’t have to be a battle! (In fact, it’s important that it’s not. The last thing you want is your central nervous system deciding you’re a threat and start to push back physiologically.) We’ll show you how to optimize nutrition to avoid a battle and to get the transformations needed.

Core Mastery Area 3: Optimization of Exercise Programming

Great technique and great nutrition are not enough. For optimal results, you need optimal programming. Since the vast majority of people do not get results (and most fitness coaches fail to deliver results for their clients), something is clearly broken with fitness programming. Breaking through your pain sounds great because we like the idea of pushing our limits and taking ourselves absolutely to the edge. It’s inspiring to talk, but it’s no way to get long term results and is physiologically counter-productive. The reality is “Any pain, no gain."Don’t speak the language of pop culture, speak the language your CNS understands. You have to hack the central nervous system to allow you to EXPAND the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Bukit Timah, We Are Ready For You!

The Amazing 12 program produces incredible results with every single client from Bukit Timah. Are you ready to make a big step in your health and fitness journey? Fill out the form on this page to get started!

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