Fitness Programmes

Fitness Classes

WIth our Fitness Classes, we'll utilize pilates, weight training, sling training, nutrition and mindfulness while preparing a plan that will get results. Whether you're a beginner to fitness or a lifelong athlete, join us for Bukit Timah's best training.

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Personal Training

Tired of struggling to get results? Hoping to add flexibility to your training schedule? Do you have personal limitations? That's fine! Our personal training programme at FitNut Loft will connect you with a training regimen that's designed just for you, so that you can achieve your goals faster than ever before.

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The Amazing 12

Get started with The Amazing 12! We deliver unprecedented body transformation in shockingly short periods of time, every time, no matter your age, condition, or genetics. Ready to get started?

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Women's Fitness

Our program is comprised of women's fitness classes that can set you up for success from day one with a combination of targeted fitness training, proven nutrition strategies, and unwavering support. Join us in Bukit Timah to see for yourself how we're redefining fitness for older women in our community!

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